Brotherly Love 2015

West Philadelphia basketball star Sergio Taylor deals with the pressures of fame while his brother and sister have their own issues with ambition.

The Crew 2008

Hoping to raise enough capital to finance a legitimate business and leave behind his life of crime, Liverpool underworld boss Ged Brennan sends his brother Ratter and a crew to pull a daring final heist. But when Ratter kills a drug kingpin during the job, Brennan must turn to rival crook Franner to avert an all-out gangland war.

Kiss the Brother 2009

Documentary about the massacre of Bosniak army committed over soldiers of Republika Srpska during 1990s Bosnian wars.

Nevesta dlya brata 1979

Batyrbek, failed the entrance examination to college, returned home to his native village. His younger brother Ayan Batyrbek decides to help start an independent life - to build a new house and find a suitable bride.

I ne bylo luchshe brata

This story of two temperamentally different brothers takes place in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku during the 1970s. The elder brother Jalil is a married postal worker who keeps bees as a hobby. Younger brother Simurg is more adventurous by nature and capable of going after his goals, not just dreaming about them. Jalil has a recurring memory: once, when he was still a kid, his mother, pregnant with Simurg, took him to a women’s sauna. When both brothers fall in love for the same beautiful girl, their differences become apparent once again.

Full Contact 1993

Luke Powers travels to L.A. to find that his brother has been murdered in a back alley martial arts tournament. Luke enters the tournament circuit to try to flush out his brother's killer. With the help of a trainer and former fighter, Lucke enters what he thinks will be a victorious battle.

Brothers 1991

Farukh, 17 wants to go away. He takes a train with his little brother Azamat (7) to visit their father. Farukh intends to leave Azamat at his father's before leaving. This is the story of their journey.

My Brother's Name Is Robert and He Is an Idiot 2019

For teenage twins Robert and Elena, a weekend can seem endless yet still fly by. Time almost stands still while discussing philosophy, lying in a blissful cornfield near a remote gas station. They are in their own little world, a twin world of twin games and twin love. A confined world where emotions rise, where pressure mounts into rage… The turmoil of adolescence.

Brata 2018

Brata, a troubled young detective, is investigating a mutilation. When Vera, a forensic doctor, examined the body parts, she discovered that they came from 5 different victims.

Wild Kratts 2011

The adventures of Chris and Martin Kratt as they encounter incredible wild animals, combining science education with fun and adventure as the duo travels to animal habitats around the globe.